The Judgement (2016)

Mystery | 20:13

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The Great Indian Crime Story : ‘The Judgement’ – A simple divorce case that turns into a murder mystery.

There has been a murder without a murderer. A crime without a criminal. And now there is a judgement without a court as a crafty judge sniffs out the story of greed and lust behind the facade of friendship and trust. A 20 minute drive down the expressway turns into a breathless journey into crime, passion, greed and murder.

Cast : Sanjay Bhatia

Voice Artists : Omkar Sanwatsarkar, Anju Patel, Shyam Kishore, Suman Singh, Rahul Khagwal, Rajesh Sanwatsarkar and Nitin Kanare.

Directed By : Dipk G N Nanglia
Produced By : Anil Nanglia
Written By : Sangeeta G.
Cinematography : Mahesh Rajan
Editor : Mansoor Azmi
Music : Shekar Sharma
Sound Designer : Prateek Katkar

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